Molly Ivins — a model

Molly Ivins, who died Wednesday, isn’t resting in peace. She’s already takin’ names and kickin’ ass in the next world, keeping people in high — maybe low — places honest.

Maverick journalist Ivins was an inspiration to any of us who believe writing can move people’s minds and hearts and make democracy work. “We are the people who run this country,” she wrote in her last column, smacking George Bush’s latest Iraq folly upside the head.

The New York Times obit today called her “rowdy.” Damn right. She’s a model. She loved writing, and skewering the powerful and the pompous. About her years of work for The Texas Observer, she wrote, “This is where you can tell the truth without the bark on it, laugh at anyone who is ridiculous, and go after the bad guys with all the energy you have.”

Bless you, Molly.

Reader, click on the links to the right and get a feel for a woman who reminds us of the genius of the First Amendment.

-Bruce Benidt

2 thoughts on “Molly Ivins — a model

  1. werle says:

    good god. First Ann Richards and now Molly Ivins. Bad year for texas cowgirls, and of course, the rest of us who depended on their straight talk and no nonsense demeanor. I saw in a mIami Herald obit that she had the crime beat at the minneaplis trib. any of you former staffers work with her?

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